At Quality Signs, we strive to make service calls a top priority. Everyday that your sign is not working up to its full potential, it takes business away from you. Your sign should be working 24 hours a day for maximum impact.

Here at Quality Signs, we have highly qualified service technicians to perform all your service needs. Whether it is repairing broken neon, replacing a ballast or transformer, changing a fluorescent lamp, or fixing a parking lot light, we have you covered.

No lamp is ever left dark in any sign, on any building or in any parking lot when a Quality Signs service technician is on site.

All trucks are fully stocked with all the necessary materials needed for repair of sign

24 Hours Emergency Service

Our trucks are available 24 hours a day for any call you may have. Call our office with questions and rates on Emergency Service.

Crane Service & Rentals

Need a lift? Our cranes can help! Call our office for more information.

Photo Surveys

We do photo surveys of signs, poles, buildings and parking lot lights/building lights for various applications.

Service Contracts

Sign and Pole Light Service Contracts